Grantee Forms


Teacher Substitution Form

Where teachers attend one of our training events, schools you are welcome to apply for a reimbursement of the teacher substitution costs incurred by the school to facilitate their attendance. The WWGS Teacher Substitution Claim Form must be completed and submitted to, within one month of the event taking place.  

Schools, NGOs and Networks

Budget Reallocation Form

All grantees will receive an Approved Budget as part of their contract with WWGS. Grantees are bound by that Approved Budget, and must report all expenditure against the Approved Budget. 

In certain circumstances, WWGS may approve slight budget amendments, where unforeseen and unavoidable (and sometimes favourable) changes may occur (for example, a school that was awarded funding to bring a facilitator or guest speaker into the school may find that they facilitator/speaker will in fact do so free of charge, and the school may then wish to request use of that funding for other purposes on their project). 

Grantees must note that any amendments to their budget must be approved in advance, and in writing, by WWGS, prior to any changes in the project being effected. In order to do this, grantees must complete a WWGS Budget Reallocation Request Form, which must be posted or emailed to Grantees will normally receive a response to their request within 1-2 working days, or no later than one week. Please do NOT wait until Final Report stage to request (or report!) changes in the use of your grant. Grantees are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their project officer, who are here to provide support to you in relation to all aspects of your project and budget. Please keep your project officer apprised of any changes that you might anticipate in the course of your grant. 

Project Officers for Schools  

East Region – Lizzy Noone Email: Landline: 01 5547 450 Mobile: 086 872 0879 

West Region – Aishling McGrath Email: Landline: 01 5547 449 Mobile: 086 0714 145 

Project Officer for NGOs & Networks – Laura Cahill Email: Landline: 01 5547 447 Mobile: 085 2728 792